Saturday, November 28, 2020

From brick-and-mortar to online website sales, there are plenty of options to help your business grow.

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How many different sales channels does your have? Many entrepreneurs have suffered over the past few months because their channels were not diversified enough. From brick-and-mortar to online website sales, there are plenty of options to help your business grow. 
Join us for this free webinar, as Jared Mitchell, an expert in and ecommerce strategy and founder of Beefysites, sits down with us to take you through some of the popular sales channels and talk about why it’s important for your business to invest in sales channel diversification. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to expand your sales channels to prepare for a predicted second wave later this year
  • Understand the 10 most popular ecommerce sales channels and how you can use them to diversify your sales
  • The importance of investing in different sales channels 

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An expert in digital marketing and ecommerce strategy, Jared Mitchell is the founder of Beefysites, a company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their ecommerce businesses. Jared is the head of ecommerce for , the well-known entrepreneur and bestselling author. Jared Mitchell is also the co-owner of Skincare By Alana, an ecommerce skincare business that has sold over 30 million dollars in product on their own website (not via ).


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